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If you have any problems with an account, feel free to call us during regular support hours and we will be glad to help you in anyway we can. You can also email us with any problems or to answer any questions about your account or service. We have put some information below we hope you will find helpful. We will be adding more here in the near future, including a faq, so check back soon.

New dialup numbers are now available! Click here to see them and see how to change your dialup number to a new one.

  • Please do not reveal your password(s) to anyone other than your immediate family members who may be using your account. If someone calls you on the phone and claims to be with us do not give them such info. If we need to contact you on such matters we will have you call us back to verify it is us seeking such information or we will mail you. This is for your security and ours.
  • Our servers support PPP with password authentication protocol for dial-in authentication.
  • Your IP address and server addresses will be automatically assigned upon dial-in and should be set as such in your server setup tab in dialup networking properties.
  • Your email address will be: yourusernamehere@mid-west.net if you have additional email accounts added to your account, they must use your main accounts dialup networking connection to login and then use their own username and password with their email client/program to get their mail.
  • For incoming (POP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers use: server.mid-west.net for both of these mail server names. These will need to be entered in your email program along with your username and password to access your email from your computer. You can alternatively use our new web based email access interface locate on the top left side of this webpage.
  • Your storage space for your webpage's can be found after logging in to your account web space with an FTP client or web authoring program. The folder where all website files should be placed is called web. This is where you can put any webpage's you desire to be seen on the internet. Your main page in this folder that people will see when they first come to your website, will need to have the filename index.htm, index.html or default.htm. You can upload your webpage's and related files several ways. Any standard FTP client or web authoring program can upload pages using your username and password.

For further assistance you can email us at support@mid-west.net or call (816) 224-2300.







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