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New dialup numbers are now available for use, the old number (5030008) will soon be out of service. Below is some info on some of the new numbers that are available and how to change them. As well as some other minor changes and or improvements for dialup customers with the new systems.

What this means for you the customer:

1. You will need to remove the old dialup phone number(503-0008)
and change to one of the following new base dialup numbers*:
Phone #             Area for vpc pop
(816)463-4028 - Blue Springs
(816)303-3999 - KCMO
(816)875-4001 - Lee's Summit
(913)871-4033 - KCKS

We encourage users to try out or test the different numbers if they would like, sometimes one number may have a better connection rate than another because the local phone switching office routes the calls through different areas from one office to the next.

Depending on your version of operating system and if you have dialing rules enabled you may not need to use the area codes if you are in the same area code and the dash in the dialup numbers are optional and may be left out.

To change the dialup phone number you can open up the Internet Explorer web browser, then click on the tools menu, click on Internet options, click on the connections tab, double click on the midwest or default dialup settings listing (it should have a little phone icon to the left of it and say default to the right) in the "Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings" box, then click on the properties button to the right of the username box. There you should see a box with the current dialup phone number, you can put your cursor in this box and backspace or delete the old number out and enter which ever new phone number you choose. You can also click on the alternates button to add in multiple additional phone numbers here if you like. Then just click on the ok buttons on each screen to save the changes. You should now be able to dialup with the new numbers. Before testing out the new number read step 2 below to change your login username.

2. With the new dialup phone numbers you will need to change your login username to your full email address. e.g. if your username before was "joe" it would now be "joe@mid-west.net" (without the quotes). No change to your password is necessary. You should only have to make the change to the username once then it should be remembered from that point forward.

3. For those who have not already been informed, we now have a web browser web based email client available called open webmail. Many dialup users have found that web based email works better for dialup connections. The web based email is optional you can continue to use any email client/program you like. As part of the web based email client we are increasing the available email storage space to 150mb's to improve the web based emails quota space.

You can access openwebmail by clicking this link www.mid-west.net/openwebmail or the button at the top of the page to the left side and just use your regular email address and password to login and be sure to accept any secure certificates if your asked (we use self signed certs and some browsers may mention a security alert).

If you have any questions or need any help with the changes feel free to email support@mid-west.net or call us with your questions. More dialup phone numbers are available besides the ones listed above, if you find that none of the above numbers work well foryou for some reason, just email us or call us with your local area code and prefix and we can possibly look up an additional number for you that my be closer to your area.

*remember to check the dialup numbers you choose to make sure they are in your calling area, area code, etc, especially if you have a special or metro calling plan. You can test the numbers by just using a phone first on the phone line you dialup with and dialing the numbers without a 1 or area code and listen to see if you get a operator message about long distance, etc. or call your local phone service provider. Midwest Internet Technologies Inc or any of its affiliates are not responsible for any long distance charges you may incur if you don't check first or don't know how your own calling plan directs local/long distance calls.*










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