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 If you'd like to signup give us a call at 816-224-2300. You can also browse the plans we have available below. If you're interested in having your own website (www.yourname.com) then click here for information. Call us for the latest prices and custom price quotes on special plans or services. We are glad to hear from you and answer any questions!


Dial-up Internet Access Accounts:

  • Standard dialup - $12.95 per month unlimited* access
  • Dual dial-up account - $19.95 per month unlimited* access
  • ISDN 64k - $17.95 per month unlimited* access
  • ISDN 128k - $30.00 per month unlimited* access

All personal dial-up accounts come with:

  • Up to 5 e-mail accounts
  • Web e-mail interface
  • Web-based Spam Control Panel
  • Virus Scanning (server based)
  • Pop-Up Blocking (via browsers)
  • 75mb personal webpage space**
  • Latest popup blocking browser software and other internet utility software available on cd-rom upon request with signup!

Additional services and options available:

  • Additional email address/account -$0.75 per month
  • Extra website storage space -$1 per 50 megabyte per month
  • Website hosting - click here or call us for specific pricing



If you would like to sign up, give us a call at 816-224-2300 or email us at sales@mid-west.net and we will get you signed up & online! Look here soon for an online signup system!










* Unlimited access definition
** website space with these accounts is for personal use, small businesses may use these accounts, but any bandwidth usage over 100mb transfer/8000 hits per month will be considered commercial and additional fees may apply. Any businesses wanting their own website should check out the virtual website hosting plans we have as they may be more suited for their needs.   ***All accounts, including prepay or multiple month prepay accounts, will be automatically billed for the period intervals of initial setup until user contacts us to discontinue service or we deem the account closed due to non-payment, etc.

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