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 Network Maintenance Updates

High Speed Fixed Wireless NOW available!

Midwest Internet Technologies is now providing high speed fixed wireless internet access to many new areas in and around eastern Jackson county, western Lafayette & Johnson counties! Check out our wireless section to see if access is available in your area and request a site survey as we roll out to more areas!! High speed wireless works great with most VOIP internet phones, internet games and other latency sensitive applications!

As well as upgrading our servers with the latest spam controls, server side virus scanning and more, we still provide some of the best quality, affordable dialup access around! Check out what's available here!

We are now doing in-home and small business network setup and installation. Have a home/business wireless router and/or notebook/laptop/tablet that you can't get working good wirelessly? Do you prefer or need network cable ran through-out your home or office for reliable wired networking? Call us and we'll do it for you! Call us for a pricing quote for your specific job. We are also doing in-home/in-office UPS  reconditioning and/or repair for uninterruptable power supply units that need batteries, fuses, etc replaced/reconditioned and we'll even get rid of the old batteries for you!




Faster speeds on the way!
We have already completed several upgrades to our backbone internet connections at our data center in Blue Springs as well as parts of our fixed wireless network. Our service plans have already been upgraded with the first phase of speed increases and once the last phase is completed there will be further increases and we will have faster fully redundant backbone connections, faster speeds on most all parts of the network and added internet access options.







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