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High-speed Fixed Wireless Setup Info


No phone lines needed, not affected by weather, always on connection! Our system uses a weatherproof low profile radio/antenna unit that mounts on your roof, eve or other suitable mounting location, which beams the signal back to our nearest tower where you connect to fast Internet! You can upgrade to faster speed plans at anytime with the same equipment, just call in and let us know which speed plan you would like! Call for a free site survey today!!

Standard Installation includes:

Free Site survey
Assembly of one antenna and mount*
Grounding of system components
System peaking for optimum performance
Installation of up to 100’ outdoor LAN cable
Routing of cable through one wall, penetration and seal
  90 day installation warranty
Testing of equipment for proper operation
Customer orientation
Configuration of one computer system**
Two hours on site

Up to 100” outdoor LAN cable
Cable connectors
Antenna mounting hardware*
Grounding equipment
Two wall thru bushings
Weather sealant for connections and structure penetration










*One of several basic mounts is included in the standard setup/installation package which size from 3ft to 10ft, many other mount options (60ft+) available for an additional charge, for customers in low areas or areas with large obstructions, or other special mounting needs such as non penetrating mounts, contact us for all your available options. **Additional home network setup service available at an additional charge for extra computers, routers or other SOHO or home networking equipment. Free home network equipment setup available with purchase of networking equipment from Midwest Internet Technologies Inc. Minimum system requirements apply: Windows 98SE or higher operating system and a functioning LAN / Network Card are required. All fixed wireless high speed monthly account fees payable by automatic/electronic payment methods (credit card, check/debit card, EFT / automatic checking withdrawal(ACH), etc) only, unless other arrangements such as prepayment are made prior to setup. Setup, installation or additional equipment fees may be paid by check or cash at time of installation or split-up over a maximum 4 monthly payments. All upload speeds are capable of bursting to the same full download speeds of each package. All internet access plans are delivered on a best effort/fair access basis, while MITI always attempts to maintain the best possible speeds for all customers at all times, no guarantees are made for maximum bandwidth.


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